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Catering Menu

Catering Menu

Tofu Satay (VG/GF)

Tofu, onion & capsicum kebab with satay peanut dipping sauce.

Mini Savoury Vegetable Curry Pie (VG)

Vegan pastry filled with vegetable curry.

Mini Brochie

Savoury brioche rolled with pesto, spinach, cheese, sundried tomato & feta or sweet cinnamon scroll.

Mini Club Sandwiches (VGO)

Assorted vegetarian and vegan club sandwiches

Mini Vegetarian Pumpkin Pizza

Whole meal pizza base with caramelized onion relish, silver beet, roasted pumpkins, and cream cheese.

Mini Vegetarian Wraps (VG)

Barbeque tofu or buffalo cauliflower wrapped with spinach, aioli, roasted capsicum strips and sriracha aioli.

Mini Sweet Muffin (VGO)

Assorted of 2 or 3 flavours of sweet muffins.

Mini Scones (VGO)

Choices of plain, cheese, savoury, or date scone.

Mini Slices (VGO)

Assorted house made sweet slices.

Fruit Plater (VG/DF/GF)

Assorted seasonal fruits (for approx. 20 people)

Cheese And Cracker Plater

Assorted Vegetarian cheese, crackers, hummus, pesto, sundried tomatoes pesto and dried fruits. (for approx. 20 people).

House Made Salads

House made salads (for approx. 12 - 15 people).

V : Vegetarian

VG: Vegan

DF : Dairy Free

GF : Gluten Free

GFO : Gluten Free Option  

VGO :  Vegan Option

  • Any dietary request must be explained before down payment.

  • 30 % down payment must be paid a week before due date

  • Down payments are nonrefundable if the order is cancelled

  • Final payment must be paid on the due date.

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